Bowie Beer-Jones is a specialist finance search firm built upon two decades of international experience making us better placed than generalist firms to execute finance searches. Operating at Regional CFO, Country CFO and CFO – 1 level, we have an outstanding reputation in the marketplace.

Historically, we have always worked with Fortune 100 clients and partner with Talent Organisations who tap into our extensive finance network when talent is difficult to find. We also work with Private Equity held and SMEs whose market capitalisation falls between $1 billion and $10 billion. We believe there is a direct correlation between these two markets because both are highly entrepreneurial and complex environments. In our experience hiring at CFO and Finance Director level,  it’s all about finding candidates who can demonstrate leadership, proven business acumen and executive presence.

We hope that our website demonstrates our finance expertise and at the same time reflects our contemporary approach when it comes to delivery and pricing.




We work across the full finance spectrum and can demonstrate proven expertise in handling complex and specialist finance searches, i.e. the kind of position that more generalist search firms find challenging because they are not finance specialists.

We operate a very different and flexible pricing structure within our industry because we feel recruitment does not need to be expensive.  Our model will always be about trying to provide a better than the market service at a reduced cost with fees that make sense to our clients.

Our global finance network comes from two decades of dedicated process mapping within the finance teams of targeted global multinationals which enables us to network and source top finance talents for our clients.  We have always held one single aim in our work and this has been to identify and attract finance talent who stand out from the crowd and to work with candidates who are aspiring to be leaders, i.e. genuine top talents.

We never ask candidates to email their CV’s without having had a meaningful conversation with them first.  Our approach is to engage them as people, to assess carefully, be helpful and give good advice before asking for their CV.  We have instilled a no compromise ethic within our company when assessing candidates, to be sure of our opinion and never to compromise on quality.





We are specialists in finance with extensive experience and understanding when it comes to matching the ambitions of high potential finance candidates with equally ambitious businesses.  Whilst we have typically worked across the full finance spectrum from Commercial Finance to Manufacturing Finance, Controllership to FP&A and Internal Audit to Finance Transformation, we have steadily developed and mastered two recognisable specialists areas:

  • Historically, executing technical controllership and CPA searches is part of the BowieBeerJones DNA and history, e.g. accounting roles in accordance with US GAAP. SEC reporting (10-Q and 10-K).  Creating internal controls to comply with SOX 404 and PCAOB requirements.  IFRS 15 and ASC 606 revenue recognition technical standards, accounting due diligence, purchase and pension accounting and being the technical expert for new and/or revised standards or disclosures.
  • Business Compliance. "Your compliance journey does not have to be overwhelming - it's all about hiring people who have already been on the journey" Steve Bowie, 2016.  As one of the first international search firms to take an interest in this specialist activity, we believe it's critical to create and maintain state-of-the-art compliance processes and internal controls to safeguard, identify, prevent and mitigate risk, whilst building strong ethical business conduct throughout the organisation. Our Compliance Journey - Read for more information

We are highly aggressive networkers.  We use process mapping search tools to understand the finance organisations of target companies to be able to identify the individuals whom we want to approach. We have long been associated with world leading companies such as GE where our Directors have been instrumental in hiring hundreds of rising stars into GE's businesses and HQ teams, who are now finance leaders in different companies, leading their respective organisations.

For us, every company and the organisation within has a story to tell and our aim on each search is to verbally storyboard the history, culture, growth, change and people of each company as a way of energising and exciting candidates.

As a trusted supplier to international clients, we aim to provide an insightful opinion on the cultural fit in people, e.g. assessing candidate's integrity, ethics and personal values which we believe is important.




We have very high standards when it comes to service and delivery and see this as a two way street between ourselves and our clients.

Whilst we firmly believe in key performance indicators and guarantee to execute and deliver to the best of our ability, we also expect speed and quality from our clients too and this is always a discussion that we have at the beginning of any search.

We consider this to be critical to providing a superior level of performance.





We make introductions throughout the UK, EMEA and Asia and are used to working in diverse locations from Shanghai to Saudi Arabia.

We have always engaged international candidates who have worked in different continents and have identified many extraordinary and career mobile international candidates to fit challenging mandates throughout EMEA and Asia.

Whilst we do not make introductions with clients in locations such as the Americas, Australia and South Africa, we do however source internationally mobile candidates from these regions.

Some clients have applauded our ability to find internationally mobile finance talent when other executive search firms have failed to produce the required result.





By operating in the tier below the expensive global executive search firms at CFO and CFO–1 level, we can offer the same high quality service at a reduced cost.

Recruitment does not need to be expensive. We feel that if a client hires a candidate from our database, resulting in a fast introduction, the price should never be as expensive as if we had executed a formal search which takes between six to twelve weeks.

Our fees are highly competitive and all secondary introductions resulting from the same search are always offered at 15%.

Our clients prefer to work with a fixed fee, regardless of final salary agreed, so that they can have control when it comes to budget management.

Our clients inform us that they appreciate our flexibility when it comes to cost and we are happy to provide top talents at a reduced cost in the pursuit of future repeat business and client satisfaction..





We always wanted to be a business which is collaborative, helpful and one which adds more value than our competitors.

We take a long term view when it comes to nurturing lasting client relationships and offer additional services to maintain our exceptional levels of repeat business.

Two examples of this are we offer free reference checking as part of our service, which our clients inform us is a valuable assistance to the HR process.

In addition, where clients have internal applications for an open position, we also objectively interview and assess internal candidates versus external candidates during any search process.

Clients find it beneficial to benchmark internal versus external candidates with a reliable and independent third party view.





To develop a recruitment consultancy that provides invaluable service to both clients and candidates by meeting and exceeding expectations, resulting in a positive outcome for all parties involved.

To appreciate the responsibility that we assume in assisting people in making important recruitment decisions that can have a significant impact on their lives.

To ensure that our team are committed and share our values and high standards.  Integrity is a threshold characteristic for our people – if they don’t have it, they do not work here.

To undertake our roles with a sense of dignity, optimism, pride and gratitude

Our values are integrity, honesty, trust and mutual respect and we act with honesty to candidates and clients alike to adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values through our personal and professional behaviour.






Steve Bowie is experienced in international finance searches at Manager, Senior Manager, VP and SVP level appointments.  He spent the first decade of his career in two global recruitment firms which led to becoming Joint Owner of Alderwick Consulting.

Steve has fostered the careers of many rising stars into large multinationals who now lead finance teams in CFO, Regional CFO and HQ leadership positions. During his time at Alderwick Consulting,

Steve developed and co-managed the supplier relationship with General Electric (GE) which resulted in well over 450 people being hired into GE’s international businesses, corporate teams and leadership development programs.


Jane Beer-Jones started working in recruitment in 2013 and has focused on the placement of CFOs, FP&A Directors, Group Controllers, Global Finance Transformation Leaders amongst others in Fortune 100 and smaller companies across Europe.

Prior to working in recruitment Jane worked in client facing roles as Client Services Director and New Business Director - always a people person, she believes a successful recruiter builds lasting relationships with her clients and candidates built on integrity, trust and transparency.



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Bowie Beer-Jones is a specialist finance search firm and is built upon two decades of international finance search experience making us better placed than generalist firms to execute specialist finance searches.

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